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With experience that encompasses a wide breadth of disciplines, RJM is capable of providing valuable services in many areas. From the early stages of any communications endeavor, to network cut-over and on-going optimization and growth, RJM offers services to fit any segment of a communications company’s plan.

Any of our services can be utilized independently, in conjunction with other vendors or in-house staff, combined together in a customized arrangement or in an entire turn-key approach. Furthermore, “Customized Services” is an all inclusive offering because many times each service that a customer needs is a bit different. RJM has the flexibility to adapt its services and capabilities to the particular needs of each customer. As a component of all of the services provided, determining the customers’ specific needs is a key in successful engineering support.

RJM can provide support on-site at client headquarters or regional offices, at RJM’s offices or in-market locations if this is the most effective personnel arrangement. Not only is RJM capable of supplying personnel for in-market applications, but we also support assigned individuals with overall management and customer service through our main offices.


RF Engineering

In any wireless network the RF engineering component is a critical factor. As the “flagship” of RJM’s services, our RF experience and capabilities can provide a significant advantage in any market or project. With wireless experience dating back more than 30 years, RJM is one of the most knowledgeable engineering firms in the industry. Engineering efforts have included in-building coverage requirements, difficult terrain areas, high growth and capacity issues and rural areas along highway corridors. RJM’s experience and capabilities include:

  • RF designs of new systems as well as expansion of existing networks
  • Initial system layout, site design and search ring and node determination
  • In-depth analysis of field test data, site specifics and parameters to identify and address network quality issues and call failures
  • Optimization support including network parameter adjustments, antenna system review, interference analysis, dropped call and data speed analysis
  • Small Cell design, planning and optimization
  • Personnel assigned in customer locations or at RJM offices
  • Coordination with other engineering personnel, site acquisition, legal staff and implementation teams
  • Extensive RF experience in various states in the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico
  • RJM staff experience includes RF support of the national political conventions, DNC, RNC, the Pope visit, many stadium venues and plans for the 1996 Olympic Games
  • Customized applications including tunnel designs, in-building applications, small cell designs and stadium/campus venues

Site Acquisition

The task of leasing and zoning targeted sites and nodes is a challenging yet vital component in network deployment and expansion. RJM has developed valuable site acquisition capabilities on a wide variety of sites and in many different communities. With our strength of knowledge and experience, RJM can provide successful results in time, quantity and quality of acquired sites.

  • Experience in site evaluation, leasing and zoning in various states
  • Lease negotiation and review, zoning ordinance review and preparation and presentation for site hearings
  • Extensive experience encompasses leasing and zoning in multiple communities including those in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Georgia, and other areas
  • Interfacing with outside legal support can be provided internally or coordinated with client’s resources
  • High degree of interaction with RF engineering and site implementation groups

Walk & Drive Testing

Evaluating the performance of wireless networks and their components is a critical task that points a technical staff in the proper direction. RJM can provide valuable services to assist in this effort. Different levels of data can be collected and analyzed based on each customer’s particular needs. RJM possesses the experience and flexibility to adapt to the various test scenarios that may be desired.

  • Field walk tests or drive tests, data collection and system evaluation
  • Performance analysis, competitive benchmarking, and statistical historical trending
  • CW testing including site access and set-up coordination
  • Walk tests in specific venues and campus areas, and drive tests over the road
  • RJM has performed many tests in stadiums and in-building environments
  • Coordination with test venue personnel
  • Personnel provided including test equipment/devices if needed, and test vehicles as well
  • Coordination with RF engineering team for real time system adjustments
  • Participation in parameter fine tuning and quality evaluations

Network Engineering

RJM is able to provide the capability to address networking and interconnect issues. Whether it be a new system layout, or an expansion to an existing network, RJM can address the work scope. With the increasing number of interconnect options currently available, proper analysis is necessary to assure the most effective interconnect scheme. With experience deploying various networks, RJM can deliver timely, cost effective and reliable interconnect plans.

  • Layout topology of site interconnect and interconnection to PSTN
  • Microwave interconnect evaluation, design and cost-benefit analysis
  • Analysis of most cost effective routing and back-haul solutions
  • Coordination with local telephone companies including circuit orders, implementation and on-going traffic engineering>

Project Management

The implementation stage is certainly a critical stage of any network or site deployment. RJM can deliver desired results in the three main legs of the deployment stool: TIME, COST and QUALITY. RJM is the right size firm to provide a high level of focus to the project at hand. With in-depth experience in deploying sites and networks, RJM can deliver successful results in any project.

  • Detailed tracking of specific milestones and expenditures throughout project
  • Planning, budgeting and scheduling of project
  • Overall coordination of engineering functions and subcontractors including turn-key applications if needed
  • Site development, coordination, implementation and management
  • Placement of project management personnel to support existing staff – people provisioning
  • Interfacing with other groups including sales, marketing and finance

Maintenance Services

After a network is implemented maintenance activities become an important focus. This effort needs to be performed in a manner to assure continued operation, protect the network assets and maximize the bottom line. By relying on RJM to perform these functions, customers can focus on other activities and be assured that network components are properly and affordably maintained.

  • Activity database and tracking system – can be interfaced to other tracking or work order systems
  • Actual versus budget expenditure tracking
  • Site compound and road maintenance – includes site components such as shelter, HVAC, generator, fence, grounding and landscaping
  • Snow removal, foliage control and site cleaning
  • Tracking and coordination of other maintenance activities of customer and subcontractors